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kitty krew shit

2008-02-03 14:29:13 by pixxapo

wat does uu ss kk and all that other spam crap stand for. i know wat kk and uu are but can someone give me a list of wat they all stand for?


a good newgroundser


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2009-08-30 14:19:18

im a kk memeber and i know most of them so lets see...

KK - kitty krew
FF - faggot federation (co-founded this one and left on day two)
DD - duck division (been stealing a lot of the ng mods passwords)
CC - clock crew
UU - uzi union (i think they are dead)
SS - star syndicate
ss - socom squad
BB - barney bunch
LL - lock legion

thats all that comes to mind atm